Rochester Christian Co-op


Children need to learn at their own pace and have the creative and nurturing environment to support their growth. Our staff and curriculum provide an incredibly nurturing environment that leads to well-roundedness and success.



God. Family. Education.


Rochester Christian Co-op, a non-profit organization in its 13th year, is a parent-led homeschool group that meets 32 weeks during the school year on Mondays at Pittsford Community Church.  Our co-op is a full-day program that helps families meet New York State homeschooling standards. Parents teach one or two classes while their children benefit from a day full of instruction.

The only fees associated with our co-op are the cost of curriculum and supplies for the classes your children attend.  We ask families for a maximum $125 per family deposit to cover any books or supplies purchased by teachers over the summer in preparation for fall classes. We also purchase insurance annually to cover RCC while meeting at Pittsford Community Church or any other facility where we have a group activity. Any additional costs associated with your children's classes are generally billed on a quarterly basis.

The children in our group range in age from nursery through twelfth grade. Instruction is offered from kindergarten through high school. Classes include science, writing, literature, social studies, foreign language (Spanish or ASL), art and music. While we use Apologia for science throughout all grades, the other subjects use a variety of curricula.

We ask interested families to visit for a day in the late winter or early spring to gain a clear picture of what our co-op looks and feels like. It also gives the parent a chance to visit classes in all the children's age groups and allows time to ask the teachers questions after class. During the afternoon, the administrators meet with the visiting parent to answer questions and assess the day.

Prior to visiting, we ask that you fill out our contact form. We will get back to you to schedule a phone interview and a day to visit us.

We look forward to working with you and your children.

God.  Family.  Education.

Call: 585.259.9015


Mail: 27 Edmar Court, Henrietta,NY 14467