Parents are the teachers

Social Development

One of the benefits of joining a co-op is enjoying social interactions that home schoolers would not otherwise get.

Physical Development

Although we do not offer a formal physical education, their is plenty of active time available throughout the day. Children play sports and gym activities together during lunch and breaks.

Literature and Writing

We think that our literature and writing programs are some of our strongest attributes.


It is rather problematic to offer all the math classes we need, as our students are at different levels due to their specific home school curricula. However, we offer logic classes that foster reasoning development and problem solving skills that help with any level of mathematics.

Science Development

Our science offerings are numerous and one of our many strengths at RCC.  We provide classes through all of the major fields and offer some other alternatives that other co-ops are not able to do. On a rotation, we offer Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Botany, Physiology, and more at many levels.

Creative Development

The arts are an extremely important part of what RCC is about. We understand that children learn in different ways and have different areas of interest. Whether it be through art, music, or drama, our students' creativity is nurtured in ways that many just cannot achieve at home.

God.  Family.  Education.

Our Difference


What sets RCC apart from the rest?

Our people do!  We are not here to make money.  We are here to provide a superior education to our children.



Our Staff


Parents know their children best

Our staff works as a team.  We each teach from our areas of strength.  Many of us have been instructors and bring that expertise to RCC.  And, unlike other co-ops, our parent teachers are not compensated monetarily.

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